Please read thoroughly prior to submitting your application.

Mortgage lending has changed due to the current state of the industry.  Now, more than ever, credit plays a huge role in getting approved, so we want to give you all of the resources to make that happen.

If you would like to understand the post bankruptcy mortgage lending process and increase your chances of getting your loan approved the first time, we recommend purchasing The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book, which is a step-by-step guide to bankruptcy recovery and home ownership.  This book shows you how to take the first and every subsequent step, including sample letters and contact information for all 3 credit bureaus.

If you need the resources to restore your credit, Tim Irish's Credit Repair Truth is an excellent complement to The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book. Tim gets into the nitty gritty details of working with the bureaus, and gives you lots of resources such as spreadsheets set up to track your scores as they improve.

His system also includes:

* A copy of "Debt Free Lifestyle" which is designed to help you get out & stay out of debt.

* A copy of "Set up a Family Budget"

* A copy of "The Power of the FDCPA: How to Stop Harassing Creditors Dead in Their tracks.

* Tim's Credit Repair "Bible", "Credit Repair Truth"

Best of all, Tim's Video Series walks you through every step of doing this to take all of the guess work out of it AND comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee (you have 7 weeks to decide).  Normally this complete system is priced at $97, but as a special offer, Tim is letting me offer it to my clients for only $47 (a $50 savings), PLUS when you buy through me, I will send you a FREE copy of The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book.

Here is the link to make the purchase and get all of the bonus offers: Get your copy of "Credit Repair Truth"

If you wish to have professional help with repairing your credit, please visit this link to our designated credit repair firm, Lexington LawLexington Law is a law firm specializing in credit repair and they have the legal knowledge to make it happen.  They charge our minimal fees for this service. Click here to visit the Lexington Law website.
If you are ready to apply for a post bankruptcy mortgage, please read the following information below.

By applying for a loan with us, you agree and confirm the following is accurate and true.

1. You confirm that you are not currently in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or that your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has been discharged for at least one year.  You cannot apply for a mortgage if you are in a current bankruptcy.

2. You confirm that another mortgage lender (or other resource) has not told you that you have a middle credit score below 560.  You cannot get approved for a bad credit mortgage with a middle score below 560.

3. You confirm that you are not seeking financing for a mobile home.  We do not finance mobile homes.

4. You confirm that you are not applying for a home equity loan.  We cannot process these loans for post bankruptcy clients unless 2 years has passed since your bankruptcy.

If you meet the above criteria, please Visit our designated mortgage lender, Consumers Advantage Mortgage to apply for a home mortgage. 


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